Our customers are eligible for a 20% money back after the completion of their packages

Congratulations on completing your package and best of luck at your exam.

We are offering a 20% actual money back of what you paid for us refunded immediately to your credit card.

To get this money, you just need to create a review on our correction service in two of the big OET groups on Facebook (>40K members). We prefer creating this review after passing your writing subtest and attach the score sheet for reliability.

Following that, you will send us an email to customersupport@writingmastery.co.uk containing the link to your review. We will check your review and process your reward within 7 working days if it meets the terms below.

Conditions and terms apply:

  • This reward is only available once for each customer.
  • The cashback is 20% of your lowest order.
  • Your review post must be accepted and published in the two Facebook groups.
  • Each Facebook group must be larger than 40000 members.
  • Your review must be natural with your actual experience not written like an advert.
  • You shouldn’t spam or violate any group rules
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