Frequently asked questions

How can I submit my letters after paying my Order

After completing your order, you can start submitting letters through the following link:

Letter Correction Service you will see your order number with associated package and available number of letters that you can submit

Watch the following video:

How long will my package be valid?

In OET Writing Mastery all packages are valid for 2 months.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept Paypal and credit cards only, we will accept more payment options soon

When will I get my feedback?

You get your feedback within 2 working days, not including the letter receiving day, at maximum in normal packages and within 24 hours in the emergency packages.

Do you provide me case notes or would I have to send a letter along with case notes I already have?

Yes, we do provide more than 30 case notes for medicine and nursing specialities. Our case notes are grouped according to their type (referral, discharge, transfer …etc) and their difficulty (easy, moderate, difficult). Please note that we don’t provide case notes for other specialities; however, we are in the stage of developing them.

Do you allow the use of external case notes?

Yes, we do allow the use of external case notes with extra fees, please check the package description for the exact amount of fees required to use external case notes.

Please note that it is mandatory to select use external case notes for professions we don’t have case notes for! You can check our case notes by clicking here


How many writing tasks I can send every day?

In non-emergency packages, the system will allow only the submission of 1 letter every 24 hours. Please note that you can submit an unlimited number of letters per day in emergency packages.

Can I send a new letter without receiving the previous one feedback?

Yes, you will be able to send another letter without receiving the feedback of the previous one. However, we encourage you to wait for your previous feedback to improve and learn from your previous mistakes.

Can I post the case note in the photo format?

Yes, you can

What letter format we accept?

We accept both word and scanned letters format based on your package.

Do I need to upload task and answer or only letter answer?

You should upload the case notes and letter together.

What is the difference between word format letters and scanned letters?

The difference is that in the scanned format you write the letter by your own handwriting exactly like the exam and then scan or photograph it and send us the photo. While in word format you write the letter on the computer and send us the written file.

What is the difference between normal and emergency packages?

Emergency packages’ feedback usually sent within 24 hours from letter submission, while the normal package feedback usually received within 2 working days. In addition, it is not allowed to submit more than one letter within 24 hours in the normal packages while it is allowed in an emergency package.

Typically emergency packages are perfect few days before your exam when you need your correction feedback as soon as possible

Your correction is based upon the grammar only or fulfilling the criteria?

We provide overall mark from 500 and a mark in each criterion. Please check our sample correction report for more details

Download sample correction report

Are the assessors are OET professional?

Your letters will be corrected by two assessors and our assessors are extremely professional one of them is an English expert and the other is a medical professional who is already an OET expert. We use the same system as the exam correction. Please check our sample correction report:

Download sample correction report

Do you offer money back gurantee or refund for uncompleted packages?

No refunds will be available or money back guarantee. Please check the sample feedback  in the homepage to decide whether or not you would like to use our OET writing correction service

What are your working days?

We work Monday to Friday from 8 Am to 11 Pm UK time.

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